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Replacement for IBM's OS/2 standard command interpreter.
eCS technical tips, collection of free software for OS/2 and eCS.
A free MS Word document reader for OS/2 and other operating systems.
Astronomical and Space-Related OS/2 Software
Software from Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS): Blackbody Radiation, Ephemeris calculator, Lunar phases calculator, simulations. Requires SEDS login.
Blonde Guy, LLC
Software, hardware and consulting for OS/2 and eComStation. Suntan Special software written by Blonde Guy distributes latest software and patches for OS/2 and eComStation.
Brian Havard's Home Page
Home of File Commander, the Norton clone, Warpster, a Napster port, and Apache/2.
Bww bitwise works
Offers InJoy Firewall for several platforms, including OS/2.
ChipChat Technology Group
Internet Services, Micro Channel Sound Cards, and Text-Paging Software for OS/2.
A tool for partitioning, data recovery, partition table repair, undelete, resize, imaging and cloning.
The eCS Dump
FTE/2 Text Editor, Zip/Unzip and PMVNC.
eCS, it is very much alive
Software reviews by Joop Nijenhuis. Contains links to Java programs, with sample reports and screenshots.
Index of free and commercial software for OS/2 and eComStation.
EmTec Terminal Emulator and Telnet/SSH Client
Telnet and SSH terminal emulator for OS/2 and Windows.
GlassMan Software
Free and shareware software for OS/2.
GP-PARI for DOS and OS/2
System for high speed, high precision calculation. Includes functions to work with polynomials, matrices, vectors, sums, products, power series, etc.
Maison Anglais
Maul Publisher, IP Spool, Program Editor, PM Make, Calculator and Clock.
Syntax-sensitive text editor and integrated development system. [German/English]
Replacement for the OS/2 or eComStation Help Viewer.
Text mode FTP client for OS/2 and many other operating systems.
Nihongo Yet Another Open Shell.
The OS/2 Benchmark Centre
SYSBENCH benchmark 0.9.5 for OS/2 software and test results from Trevor Hemsley.
The OS/2 Information and Software Collection
Recommendations by Peter Moylan. Includes basic concepts of OS/2, and tuning tips. Software including FtpServer, Web Family Tree, and KeyCalc.
OS/2 programs by Herwig Bauernfeind
PDFMerge, PMDCalc, WPIView, eRedMan and FotoGet/2 software.
OS/2 to Linux Porting Package
Set of OS/2 header files to be used to recompile your OS/2 application and a Linux Shared Object library that supplies the OS/2 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
OS/2 Warp Nanjaku Project
Japanese messaging software: POP Mail Checker, Telnet Chatter and DayTalk.
Paul Ratcliffe's OS/2 Software
Links to the latest versions of Paul Ratcliffe's OS/2 Software
Perez Computing Service
Developers of OS/2 and DOS software: Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander, IPF Editor.
A Playground of Thoughts
NPS WPS Enhancer, NPS-Zoom and PackMan Archive Manager.
PMView Pro
Shareware image viewer, editor, and converter for OS/2 and Windows. Free trial download.
SANE Home Page
Scanner Access Now Easy
Add-ons for OS/2 and eComstation.
Multinode BBS Software
OS/2 Config.sys Editor. Displays the statements in config.sys file in a notebook for editing. Free download of evaluation copy.
Unix Ports for OS/2 & eCS
Ported software including GCC, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Python, Ghostscript and Subversion.
Mozilla ported to OS/2. Mozilla is the core of Netscape Communicator 6.
Wim's home page
Wim's eCS-OS/2 website: USB devices, scanners and cameras.
XCenter Widgets
A list of plugins to be used with XCenter and eCenter.
Applications for the OS/2 Warp and eCS: sqlMate, VistaCam, CDMagic and The Backup Demon.
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