This main category is for vertically integrated companies that do substantial business in a number of major subcategories. For example BPAmoco is a major player in exploration, refining, petrochemicals and marketing. Many national oil companies belong in this category.
Submit information sites concerning the industry to Oil and Gas/Industry Resources.
Web sites that describe and promote conferences. In most cases these are international in scope. Annual conferences by industry organizations are expected to be described in the wed sites of those organizations, not posted here.
Companies supplying consulting services to the oil and gas industry.
Consultants that offer leases and prospects to investors should be submitted to Oil and Gas/Operating Companies/Exploration and Production/Prospects and Investments.
Information resources made available to the public on-line. Sites where commercial transactions are made should be in Marketplaces category.
Submit sites that contain mostly on-line public information, data and news to this category. Vendors of proprietary data should be submitted to Business: Energy and Environment: Oil and Gas: Companies: Service Companies: Data and Software or one of its subcategories. Sites that are primarily devoted to electronic commerce or serving as industry portals should be submitted to Business: Industries: Energy: Oil and Gas: Companies: Marketplaces.

Sites that support online and print news and media should be submitted to Business: Energy and Environment: Oil and Gas: News and Media.

Information technology used in the oil and gas business. Includes both software and consultants for managing data.
Submit sites that deal with software or consulting services for heavy duty data management here. Special purpose software must be submitted to Business/Energy and Environment/Oil and Gas/Service Companies/Data and Software.
These sites are electronic market places. Typical sites list equipment and/or properties for sale. Many sites also have the characteristics of portals, including: a directory of operators and/or service companies, current industry statistics and news stories, e-mail mailboxes and employment opportunities. Also includes Application Service Providers.
Sites that facilitate buying and selling should be submitted here. Sites that provide information only should be submitted under Oil and Gas/Industry Resources.
This is for online news and print media such as magazines and publishers of technical books for the Oil and Gas industry.
Submit online and print media to this category.
Offshore is focused on companies that concentrate on the offshore oil and gas industry. Many larger companies are normally listed in more general categories as they can not be listed twice in ODP.
Please submit sites for the "Offshore" directory if the entity is specific to or mainly focused on floating and/or fixed marine structures. Sites dedicated to the offshore market that are not comfortable with more general listings in other categories such as "Consultants", "Tools_and_Equipment", "Industry_Resources" can also be submitted here.
This main category includes only VERTICALLY INTEGRATED COMPANIES that include divisions for exploration, production, refining and wholesale and/or retail sales. Most operating companies fall into the various subcategories.
The Oil and Gas Companies category is divided into four sections; operating companies (those involved in exploration, production and development of oil and gas fields); service companies (those companies which provide services, equipment, technical staff and information etc. to the operating companies); processing (companies which conduct oil and gas processing and refining);distributors (those companies involved in the distribution and wholesale/retail sale of oil, gas, petroleum goods and lubricants etc.).
Businesses and business activities involving propane as a fuel or energy carrier.
Please submit only sites that deal with propane as an energy source that will be useful to consumers seeking propane related information. Sites specifically relating to supply, distribution, storage, and the utilization of propane should be submitted to this category.
Service Companies for the Oil and Gas industry should be listed in the appropriate sub category, and not in the main category. Companies in the sub categories must provide either/or/and equipment, support, consultancy, information, staff and training and other services to oil and gas operating companies.
Software that deals exclusively with the oil and gas business (such as royalty payments, etc.) should be submitted here. Geological Software that is more general or is used in mining or other non-petroleum application should be submitted to Science: Earth Sciences: Geology: Software.

Software development organizations who just happen to have done some oil and gas work recently belong under some software or programming cat elsewhere in ODP.

Companies that primarily provide drill pipe and casing could be submitted to the Tubulars category.