Occupational Safety and Health refers to preventing injuries and protecting the health of workers.
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This category contains links to OH&S sites in countries around the world.
Please submit sites to their correct location and category.
Sites found here are college and university health and safety departments, responsible for training and informing faculty, students, and visitors about all types of safety issues on campus. This is not intended for academic departments which offer degrees in health and safety, though a subcategory with this may be created in due time. Most university safety issues are related to safety in and around laboratories, but other material such as recordkeeping, vehicle usage, and legal issues will be available as well.
Sites listed here will be for companies offering consulting services to businesses to assess and improve Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace.

Please note:

  • consultants in the specific areas of Ergonomics, Construction/Maintenance, Environment, and Employee Injury Prevention are NOT listed here, but in those specific categories, linked from Health/Occupational_Health_and_Safety/Consultants.

  • this category is NOT for listing medical services for patients who have experienced a work-related disease or injury.
  • Sites listed here will provide mainly non-commercial information about the health and safety aspects of ergonomics in the workplace. Sites for ergonomic consultants are listed in the specific subcategory.

    NB Sites for ergonomic products are NOT listed here, and belong in Shopping/Health/Emergency_and_Safety/Occupational_Health_and_Safety/Ergonomics.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA), a federal entity, is charged with every issue concerning workplace safety, and health. Primarily they are regulatory in nature, but also have enforcement authority. OSHA works with a number of other entities, including subdivisions of the Center for Disease Control. OSHA, allows states to maintain their own office's of Occupational Safety and Health, through a legislative act. Specifically, Section 18 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (the Act) encourages States to develop and operate their own job safety and health programs. States must set job safety and health standards that are "at least as effective as" comparable federal standards. (Most States adopt standards identical to federal ones.) States have the option to promulgate standards covering hazards not addressed by federal standards. Those states that fail to maintain these standards, or those that have significant industrial injuries, again are monitored by OSHA.
    Toxic substances can be found in most places of work, and their safe use and storage is essential.
    Sites listed here will focus on toxic substances in the workplace.
    If your site is mainly concerned with environmental toxins, it belongs in Environmental Health, and sites about preventing poisoning are listed in Disease Control and Prevention.
    Laser and laser pointer safety sites. Lasers are used in industrial and academic research as well as in the classroom at times. Laser pointers are just small, low-power lasers, so they are represented as well.
    The role of an Occupational (or Industrial) Hygienist is to identify hazardous agents; Chemical, Physical and Biological; in the workplace that could cause disease or discomfort, to evaluate the extent of risk to employees' due to their exposure to these hazardous agents, and to recommend ways to prevent or minimize harmful exposure.
    Sites listed here will focus on Occupational (Industrial) Hygiene.
    More general sites which include this topic among others should be sent to a more general category.
    Please check that submissions to this category are relevant to OHS Management Systems specifically, rather than OHS generally.
    Sites listed here will provide information on journals, newsletter, e-magazines, and books about Occupational Health and Safety. Sites selling books belong in the Shopping category, and publications with a focus on training belong in Health/Occupational_Health_and_Safety/Training.


    An "MSDS" is a Material Safety Data Sheet, a document which summarizes the purpose, hazards, and other information about a substance or material. Different government jurisdictions and industries have differing MSDS requirements. In the interests of public and worker safety, however, their MSDS libraries are frequently shared. This category contains sites that link directly to MSDS information, or which provide directories, search engines, or other gateways related to chemical safety or MSDS information.