This category includes individuals and groups who collect knives as a hobby, who make knives as a hobby, and who provide information on the subject of knives and knife-making.
Please submit sites of individuals and groups who are publishing their own collections and knife making work, publishing newsletters and other periodicals on knife collecting and making, or that are associations of knife collectors and knife makers. Wholesalers, resellers, and affiliates should submit under Shopping/Recreation/Knives or Shopping/Recreation/Outdoors/Hunting/Knives/
All kinds of activities involving knives as a main tool. Examples would be pages about knife throwing and knife fighting sites that do not fit in Sports/Martial_Arts/
Online discussion sites.
The sites listed here are those of individual collectors and local clubs.
If your interest is in selling recreational knives, please submit under Shopping/Recreation/Knives/
Sites of craftspersons who custom design and fabricate knives, with an emphasis on the educational, ie. shop tours, tutorials, knife components.
Please submit sites of custom knifemakers who also offer some educational information. For custom knife makers strictly interested in selling, please submit to Shopping: Recreation: Knives: Custom and Specialty Knives: Classifieds or, for retailers, dealers, and wholesalers, submit to Shopping/Recreation/Knives/ or a subcategory thereof.
Groups promoting the making and usage of knives and furthering the distribution of knife related information. Groups should be open to new members to join.