This category is for general world maps that are available for viewing online. Maps for sale can be found at Shopping: Publications: Maps.
  • Maps for sale will not be accepted in this category and should be submitted to Shopping: Publications: Maps for consideration.
  • Maps for particular world regions and countries should be submitted to the appropriate Regional category.
Information on the hobby of Map Collecting.
Collectible Maps for sale should NOT be submitted here but instead to the appropriate Shopping category.
Alphabetical or classified links to map sites. Directories listed in this folder should contain comprehensive indexes and not be limited to a specific geographic area.
Sites relating to the online application and associated APIs provided by Google.
This category is for online viewable collections of historical maps. This category includes both antique maps and modern maps showing historical boundaries.
Submissions should be for publically viewable online collections.

Sites offering maps and reproductions for sale should be submitted to Shopping/Antiques_and_Collectibles/Ephemera/Maps/

Sites that describe map collections available for academic or in-person viewing only should be submitted to Reference/Maps/Libraries/

This category lists map libraries and collections throughout the world. These libraries have digitized varying amounts of their printed map collections for viewing online; some sites display a few sample images, while most only provide descriptions of and guides to their holdings. If you are looking for online maps, a better place to start is one level up in the hierarchy at Reference: Maps. Sites in this category are listed according to institution name. The John R. Borchert Map Library at the University of Minnesota, for example, is listed under "U". You can also conduct a search restricted to this folder. For example, you can search for "California" and choose "only in Maps/Libraries" to find the listed Map Libraries with "California" in the title or description, or even "au" to show sites containing the Australian domain name.
Please look through this category''s description and listings and submit your site accordingly.
OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project to collect and distribute free geographic data, in order to allow the production of mapping and other geodata products without legal or technical restrictions on their use.
Online route planners.
Only online route planners! No travel descriptions or diaries or tourist information.