Kangerlussuaq (Greenlandic for “Long Fjord”) is one of two entry airports to Greenland. Located at the bottom of the 175 km (110 mile) fjord, the airfield operates as the international gateway to Greenland. The airport was first established as a United States Air Base in World War II, and was code named “Bluie West 8”. Following the war, the airport was renamed Sondrestrom Air Base in 1951 where it operated until its closing in 1992. Now the airport is the busiest in Greenland and a primary entry point for researchers, businessmen, and tourists. Kangerlussuaq offers much more than just an airport though. The town is the only location in Greenland where visitors can travel by car to the inland Ice Cap, making it a popular tourist destination. The area surroundings also offer visitors an Arctic wildlife experience. Dog sled and snowmobile trips are available to allow visitors to witness local musk oxen, reindeer, arctic fox and birds first hand.
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