This category includes all Filipino martial arts, including Arnis, Escrima, Kali, Sikaran, and others.
Please submit only sites with information on Filipino Martial Art that has a world wide interest in the top level category of FMA. If your site is primarily about a specific style that has a category, please submit it there.

Otherwise please submite School sites to Schools and Instruction and organizational sites to Organizations. They should not be submitted here, even if they contain news, information or resources.

Modern Arnis is a system developed by Remy Presas.
Please submit sites on Modern Arnis (Remy Presas style).
This category is for Filipino Martial Arts organizations, federations, and associations which are of a general aspect to Filipino Martial Arts or organizations for specific styles for which no category exists.
Please submit only sites that are for organizations not schools. An organization would be an administrative resource for coordination of resources for a group. If your organization is for a specific style and the category for that style exist, please submit it to that category.
This category is for schools as well as training and instructional programs which are of a general aspect to Filipino Martial Arts.
Please submit only schools that teach;
1) a specific Filipino style for which no category exists
more than one style of Filipino Martial Arts.