This category is for English language sites providing information about the people, places, arts, culture, businesses, services, and organizations specific to Bulgaria. Informational sites about local weather, history, education, geography, government, and science are also welcome.
If the text on your site is written in Bulgarian, please submit your site to World/Bulgarian, and not to this category.

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The ODP Regional/Europe/Bulgaria/Business_and_Economy category contains sites covering the business and economic activities in Bulgaria, including listings of companies and industries.
The ODP Regional/Europe/Bulgaria/Business_and_Economy is a high-level category. Please submit your sites to a suitable subcategory of this category if:
  • these sites have Bulgarian origin,
  • these sites are written in English.

    Bulgarian language sites should be submitted to the most appropriate category in World/Bulgarian/������

    Please submit the exact URL of the entry English language page of your site.

    Sites which are incomplete, having Under Construction notices, or contain broken links or graphics have not a chance of being listed. Please wait to submit your web site when it is totally complete.

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  • The central repository for sites about education in Bulgaria. This is the place to find a list of schools in Bulgaria and find the sites of all universities in Bulgaria.
    Please find the closest related subcategory.

    If you list in the upper level categories, your listing could be moved to a lower level category or removed if not relevant.

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    This category is for sites relating to all aspects of government. This will include information on statutory bodies working to Bulgarian Ministries and various research organizations.
    Please ensure that you read the Category Description before submitting your site to this category. See also the Category Guidelines for a list of what will and will not be accepted in this category.
    Bulgarian based Web sites about health.
    Please submit your site to the most appropriate subcategory within this section. Your site will only be listed if it contains information about health and is related to the Bulgaria. Shopping sites will not be listed in the Health section - please submit to the Shopping section.
    This category is for links to town, city and area sub-categories in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Ministry of Public Administration and Administrative Reform has a website that is helpful in the transliteration of names from Bulgarian.
    Sites should not be submitted to this category. To find the correct place to submit your site to, follow the sub-categories.
    News sites provide material informing, explaining, or commenting on the events and issues of the day. In addition, web sites with information 'about' news and about news reporting are within the scope of the category and its subcategories. This might include essays on current events or sites describing news sources in detail.
    The main administrative division of Bulgaria is into 28 oblasti or provinces. The word oblast or област in the cyrillic script is translated region, province, zone, area, or district. Bulgaria is also divided into north and south regions and six planning regions, but the province is the primary administrative division.
    Please submit only sites about provinces in general here. Sites about a specific province should be submitted to that category. Provincial categories are about the province, its municipalities (counties), and other sites of a provincial or county-wide scope, such as businesses or organizations that exist in several locations in the province but not in the other provinces. Sites about organizations and businesses that exist in a particular locality should be submitted to the category for that particular locality if we have one.
    Only informational and enthusiasts sites are welcome in this category.

    Businesses should submit to an appropriate locality in Regional

    If your site offers shopping directly from the Internet you should submit to an appropriate category in Shopping

    This category includes information about the natural environment and scientific activities specific to Bulgaria.

    Open Directory's Regional: Europe: Bulgaria: Society and Culture category covers the areas of human interaction and people's thoughts, speculations, and aspirations about the world they live in, people's perceptions and understandings of the universe they live in.

    Sites in Bulgarian language are not permitted in this category Regional: Europe: Bulgaraia: Society and Culture and should be sent to the World/Bulgarian/ category.
    Bulgarian transportation resources: - for those traveling to and from, and within the region; - transportation business.
    Sites relating to travel and tourism in Bulgaria. This may include sites relating to tourism resources within Bulgaria and sites for Bulgarian residents who are researching and booking trips abroad.
    Submitting to Travel and Tourism
    Commercial sites that do not offer services to Bulgarian residents should be submitted to the main Travel category or its relevant subcategories.

    If your site is relevant to a regional category linked from the Travel and Tourism category please submit your site there. Please do not submit to multiple categories within Travel and Tourism, if you are unsure where your site belongs or there is not an appropriate category then submit to the main Bulgarian Travel and Tourism category and editors will place your site in the most appropriate place.