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Sites relating county-wide to Oakland County
Businesses are commercial, industrial, or professional dealings
Examples of category submissions would be art, music, dance, museums, galleries, photography, and libraries. Please submit to the locality where established unless representative of multiple cities in the county.
Only sites with business locations in two or more cities of the County of Los Angeles will be accepted.
Businesses are commercial, industrial, or professional dealings
Includes regional government, law and military information (e.g. Branches of Government, Law, Military, Taxes).
Please search for the proper sub-category when submitting at the County level. The only top level sites accepted are county wide guides to all services, not those of a limited nature. There are many cities in the County of Oakland. Please submit sites that represent an entity having only one location to the proper locality. The only sites submitted to sub-categories of the County are those with office locations in two or more cities.
Includes links to maps, photograph sites, live web cams, satellite imagery ... any visual representation of the area.
Sites should be submitted to the city of origin. Only sites representing two or more county cities should be submitted to Oakland County.
News and Media submissions are newspapers, television stations, radio stations, magazines, publications and media outlets.
Includes all hobbies, sports and participatory recreational activities specific to the region; including local recreation organizations.
Includes information about the region's natural environment; as well as scientific activities specific to the region.
Please submit sites as specifically as possible. Oakland County submissions should represent groups organized in two or more cities.
Society and Culture is comprised of groups and organizations that represent the social life, beliefs, and people of the county. Sites representing items such as religion, activists, political parties, scouting, and clubs are examples. Personal homepages specific to Oakland County would also belong.
Includes area transportation resources for those traveling to and from, and within the region.
Includes area attractions and resources for those traveling in the region, including tourist guides.
Includes all weather-related sites for the particular region or locale; including allergy and smog alerts, disaster warnings, and ultraviolet forecasts.