Princeton is a township and a borough in Mercer County, central NJ. The town is known for its academic community, rich history, and vibrant downtown shopping district. The post-graduate Institute for Advanced Study, where Einstein studied for much of his life, and Princeton University, a prestigious Ivy League school, are among the most esteemed institutions of their kind. During the War for Independence, the American forces led by George Washington scored an important victory over British forces led by Charles Cornwallis in the Battle of Princeton. In the summer of 1783, the Continental Congress met in Nassau Hall at Princeton University, making Princeton the country's capital for four months. It was there that the Continental Congress learned of the signing of the Treaty of Paris of 1783 which ended the war. Princeton is also home to Morven, the former home of Richard Stockton, a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence who was forced to flee his home during the Revolution. Princeton is bordered on the north by Montgomery, Rocky Hill, Franklin, and Kingston in Somerset County, on the west by Hopewell, on the south by Lawrenceville, Princeton Junction, and West Windsor, and on the east by Plainsboro, and South Brunswick in Middlesex County. The town is close to rural farming areas, and is also an hour away from Philadelphia, New York City, and the shore.
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