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German is a Western-Germanic member of the Indo-European language family spoken by approximately 100 million first-language speakers and as many as 128 million people in as many as 40 countries. German is also known as Deutsch, Hochdeutsch and High German. This category is for noncommercial sites about German. This includes scientific considerations, educational resources, and reference materials.
This category is for noncommercial sites in English about the German language. Please avoid submitting the following types of sites to this category:

If you submit any of these types of sites to this category, they will be moved to a more appropriate category by the editor. If you are not sure which category your site belongs in, you may submit it here and the editor will move it to the appropriate category.
This category is for sites exclusively about German grammar. Sites with more general information including grammar can be found in the parent category Science/Social_Sciences/Language_and_Linguistics/Natural_Languages/Indo-European/Germanic/German.