In addition to the regular forums, metas have access to four additional forums: Meta, Joint Meta, a Editall, and Meta Bugs & Features

Meta Only

There are two Meta Only forums: P-Meta and Kids and Teens Meta. The following topics are discussed in these forums:

Joint Meta

The Joint Meta forum is so called because it is accessible by Metas, kMetas, and CatMods. It should be used for:

Meta Bugs & Features

The Meta Bugs & Features forum has the same permissions as the Joint Meta forum. It should be used to report bugs in the meta tools or that could cause security problems. It can also be used to request new meta/catmod-only features.

Other types of bugs which do not require confidentiality should be reported in the regular Bugs & Features forum.

Forum Confidentiality

The contents of Meta forums are confidential and should not be shared with anyone who does not have permissions to access these forums. As a general rule, information that is access restricted based on permissions should only be shared by people with those permissions. Breaches of confidentiality compromise community management efforts; abuse of this nature will unquestionably result in the loss of editing permissions.