Curlie Admins grant Editall, Meta, CatMod and CatEditall permissions. However, in the early days of the project, Metas developed a process for nominating, discussing and recommending editors for promotion. This process has been invaluable, and all Metas are encouraged to participate in promotion discussions by nominating promising editors and contributing their own thoughts, opinions, experiences and any other feedback they may have about a candidate.

Metas commenting on candidates for promotion are asked to summarize their views in a discussion forum. All meta comments and "votes" for candidates are purely advisory to Admins. Admins are generally more interested in the reasons for metas' recommendations than in a simple "yes" or "no" vote.

Admins are not obligated to follow Meta recommendations, nor do they always elicit feedback from Metas on their own choices or candidates nominated by non-Metas. Admins may decide not to follow Meta recommendations, and may promote candidates without consulting the Meta community. Nonetheless, in most cases, every effort is made to get Meta input on candidates for promotion.